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The Immortality Trigger

In my opinion, Douglas could give Andy McNab, Steve Berry, James Rollins and the others a run for their money!

– Newton Lewis.

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Douglas Misquita is a spider. An artful and talented spider. In ‘Diablo’ he weaves a splendid tale of international conspiracy, intrigue and high speed action and weaves it tight! … Highly recommended!

– Venkatesh S.

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Highly recommended. A spectacular ripped-from-the-headlines thriller about terrorism and the global migrant crisis.
– BestThrillers.com

4 out of 5. Diablo, by Douglas Misquita, is yet another episode of myriad of characters, from varying social and geographic backgrounds, astutely interwoven together, into a gripping action thriller.
– Chicky Kadambari

Fans of political, thrillers, action and suspense genres will find this a fun read. 
– Charity Tober

The book is certainly a good read and manages to be exciting from start to the finish 
– Cassandra

Read this one if you’re looking for a great action thriller or love cop novels.
– Sheryl

Douglas Misquita has used a great mix of technology and modern day problem to create an entertaining and thought provoking thriller.
– Payal Sinha

The plot has drama, thrill, some mystery, twists and turns, some witty lines but above all touches the serious topic on the global stage.
– Archie

Peppered with futuristic bio technology and research, Diablo showcases another dimension of Douglas Misquita’s writing capabilities and understanding on how it conforms into the socio-political landscape. 
– Dallyn Misquita

Any action genre lover would surely enjoy this book. I am surprised there are no movies yet on Douglas Misquita‘s books.
– Omstavan Samant

Well written … tight edge-of-the-seat action drama… the story line is well thought out and the book definitely is a good read.
– Hemantkumar Jain

The Apocalypse Trigger

It all seems very Dan Brown-meets-Charles Brokaw
– Anish Kohli

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Amazing book with expertly written action scenes and a plot which leaves you craving for more!
– Tulika

… a wholesome adventure riveted with action, tech and the good ole apocalyptic plan
– Dallyn Misquita

4.5 out of 5. …is a must-read page-turner for all action lovers. It will be almost impossible to put this book down once you’ve started on it.
– Chicky Kadambari

Misquita is a prolific author; he is creating his own oeuvre in the action-adventure-thriller genre, and uses history, technology and fiction quite effectively.
– Roshmi Sinha

I am not easily impressed and this one easily impressed me. I appreciate the attention to detail and the research that an author does while writing books … you feel it while reading. 
– Hemantkumar Jain

…if you are a action lover then go ahead and read this book.
– Nikita

It’s a perfect Hollywood script, the plot is excellent and the writing style is totally different. 
– Nitin Vadher

I felt like watching a Hollywood movie while reading this book!!! Author’s vivid narration made reading exciting and fast moving!!!
– Saravanan Pandi


Secret of the Scribe

I think India has got his (sic) own Dan Brown as Douglas Misquita. I highly recommend this book to thriller and mystery lovers.
– Nitin Vadher

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Youth Magazine November 2014 review  by Purva Indulkar

…reveals the strength of his writing as well as flexibility in dealing with an almost futuristic story.
– Shana Susan

You know you are in the hands of an adequate and efficient writer
– Mandar Talvekar

3/5 for Douglas Misquita’s second offering, ‘Secret of the Scribe’
– Amit Kumar Gupta

Fast-paced and un-put-down-able, I give this book ***/5
– Samarpita Sharma

An excellent read, this book is fast paced and very difficult to put down
– Omstavan Samant

Recommending this gripping storyline that is fast paced, thrilling and laced with enough oomph to keep you glued
– Hitesh Ratnani

This book is difficult to put down, so I would recommend reading it over the weekend. It has a gripping story-line combined with a fast pace
– Newton Lewis

Even if you have several swashbucklers sitting on your ‘to be read’ list, don’t miss this one!
– Roshmi Sinha

A gripping story line, combined with a fast pace. It is quite difficult to put this book down once you start on it.
– Chicky Kadambari


No doubt there are plenty of authors that write action/ thrillers, but unfortunately, such genre authors are scarce in India. This was before Haunted happened; a rare gem by Douglas Misquita!

– Karthik

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Move over CB and the host of writers who think they can write, Douglas is a star story teller. 
– Samarpita Sharma

A racy, interesting, graphic, cogent, un-put-downable international action-thriller début novel which is a delight to read!
– Reema Shaw

This is most definitely going at the top of my recommendations list. 
– Molly Edwards

Douglas Misquita has written a heart-stopping action novel. 
– Sandie Kirkland

Described in such detail that you cannot help but become enthralled with the narrative.
– Jennifer Chatham

As the plot unfolds, you seem to be seated on a roller coaster ride; thrilling to an extent that it would seem to appear to you from nowhere.
– Bastab Chakraborthy

Treating the book like a lurid thriller, the author goes for an audacious tone and a brisk pace, grabbing your attention from the very word go.
– Amit Kumar Gupta

While you read, every word seeps in to your imagination and creates a vivid picturesque [sic] in your head.
– Hitesh Ratnani

Is an excellent action-packed book, and nowhere does it give the impression that it’s the first published work of the author.
– Chicky Kadambari

It’s almost impossible to believe that “Haunted” is the first published work of Douglas Misquita 
– Naman Kapur

Doffing my hat at Douglas’ caliber as an action-thriller writer, the meticulous research, the erudite language, the taut narrative…
– Roshmi Sinha

Non-stop explosive gun-battles, car chases, double-crossing thugs, and a full cast of dispensable characters carry the plot of this emotion-packed story to an unexpected surprise ending. 
– Richard Blake

You might even find yourself ducking from whizzing bullets and flying shrapnel…. precise descriptions and action sequences makes Haunted a thrilling read and brings Hollywood home…. A 7/10 for Haunted.
– Dallyn Misquita

A well-researched and well thought-out book, with enough twists and turns to keep you occupied, enough drama to keep you engaged
– Sakhi Shah

The style of writing makes you feel like you’re right there – you’ll probably want to duck to make sure you don’t get hit by a stray bullet!
– Newton Lewis

A wonderful novel by Douglas Misquita, an author who seemed seasoned rather than a 1st timer, and one who knew how to weave a tale.
– Aarti Krishnakumar

It is truly a book you would like to finish in one read as you can’t put it down.
– Akshay Menon

Douglas pulls no punches, writes as he sees it, without patronising or condescending and is intensely readable, imaginatively compelling about modern day international terrorism.
– Jude Gomes

Very racy, enjoyable and different from other Indian authors. Managed to keep my interest up and the pages turning.
– Ralph Pais

Weaved together with in-depth knowledge and research, the author, with exceptional descriptive knowledge focuses on the evils of international terrorism and crime.
– Richard Dmello

The plot is very carefully crafted and keeps you engrossed till the final pages.
– Joe D’Lima

Showcases a writer who can skillfully mix the ingredients to achieve a story he desires.
– Mandar Talvekar

Haunted is one book that totally fits the category of a super ecstatic thriller novel.
– Shana Susan

Read, read… and read

One of the golden rules to observe while writing a book is… read other books. For it is while reading that an author learns and improves. It may be as little as a new word, or as complex as an idea to evolve a character’s journey through the story.

I find that my mood and writing style is influenced by the book I’m currently reading. It manifests across chapters to varying degrees. A couple of times, another story reveals a plot hole in my own; or, I cringe at what does not work; ponder how I can infuse a variant of an exciting element; find the solution to the mire I’ve written myself into. But really, in every book I read, I do a retrospective, and ask myself, “What entertained me in that story?”

Here are some of the books that I’ve been reading… Are you reading something exciting? I’d like to know; maybe I’ll give it a shot.

The Forgotten Holocaust
The Mockingbird Drive
The Runner
The Switch
Kill Shot
Trigger Break
Longshot In Missouri
The Gunslinger
Gunship Ace: The Wars of Neall Ellis, Gunship Pilot and Mercenary
Sign of the Cross
Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future
True-Life Adventure
In The Name of God

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