Creative Writing @ IBK International Academy

It is said that there’s a book inside every one of us. Yet, only a handful make it out. Douglas takes the Creative Writing class at IBK International Academy, Mumbai, through the entire process. Thanks to Mr Kadakia, and Shonna Misquita for arranging the event; and thanks to my Dad, for his impromptu introduction.

Three down: The Apocalypse Trigger is here

In the days leading up to the release of The Apocalypse Trigger, I speak about producing the book and journey so far. [Read on]

The reason for Impressions of Egypt

With Impressions being available in the past as a free download, I talk about the reasons behind re-releasing it in paperback. Read on.

Behind the scenes of Secret of the Scribe

Thought I'd follow tradition and give readers a peek into the making of Secret of the Scribe, my influences and what was on my mind at the time. Take a look.

Deconstructing Haunted

I'm often asked, "How did you write Haunted?" For those of you who wanted to know what went into making Haunted, here you are. Read on...

On Indie Publishing

This is an edited version of an interview I did in 2011 where I talk about the indie publishing model in India and some of the things aspiring authors should keep an eye out for. Read more.

From dream to reality

Many of us have dreams and we've often heard people say 'make your dream come true'. But how many can experience something ethereal taking physical form. From being an idea in one's mind to being manifest in the pages of a book? When I held my first copy of Haunted in my hands - hastily unpacked from a carton of 10 author-copies, it was an incredibly emotional moment. 

I've tried to describe what I felt.

From Idea to Author

In September of 2012 a friend invited me to lecture to Bachelor of Mass Media students at R. D. National College, Bandra. I was very excited about it: my first discourse at the very same college I attended from 1996 to 1998. I was amused to see everyone had laptops and were eager to take notes. I told them, "Don't worry about notes; I'll email the presentation to you." It was a nice and interesting morning; the lecture was well received.

Thought I'd put it up for anyone who wants to write and publish a book: 2012_09_20_DouglasMisquita_Idea_to_Author

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