2nd edition, published 2017

Total control of the human race.

Lance Michener suspects Linguistics, Inc's 'brain-to-brain communication' technology is secretly stealing memories and planting ideas. But, the stakes go even higher with hunt for the mythical Book of Thoth - a book that grants its reader unimaginable powers.

"I think India has got his (sic) own Dan Brown as Douglas Misquita. I highly recommend this book to thriller and mystery lovers."


1938: A cave-expedition to the remote borders of China and Tibet unearths enigmatic discs that are believed to be of extraterrestrial origin.But their discovery is quickly squashed and erased from official records.

The Cold War Era: The Americans are desperately looking for a Soviet scientist who can bring them up to speed on a top-secret Soviet find.

2015: Linguistics, Inc. unveils the Linguistics Band – a prosthesis for speech – and an enthralled human race laps up the revolutionary thought-to-speech communication technology.

After his father is killed while trying to expose Linguistics’ ulterior diabolical intentions, Lance Michener wants to shut down the Linguistics network before the damage is total and irreversible.

On a remote South Pacific island, Ivonne Prideux uncovers incredulous evidence of extraterrestrial contact with the indigenous people. In modern-day Egypt, an excavation of the ‘Heretic’s Tomb’ in the Valley of the Kings is purported to be an elaborate hoax.

But could the two independent discoveries be linked? What is the secret message of the heretic scribe?

Everything points to the mythical Book of Thoth – the Book of Wisdom of the Gods, a gift from the gods, which allegedly contains the blueprint for languages of the past, present and future.

If Linguistics gets hold of the ‘Book’, its secrets will be wielded for total control.

The race is on… and the fate of the human race is in the balance.

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716 glyph-covered discs found in a remote cave-system in Tibet. Only one Chinese professor was allowed to study the discs. After deciphering the glyphs, he claimed the artefacts were 'hard-disks' and told a fantastic story of extraterrestrial contact. Subsequently the Chinese government locked the discs away and the professor was ridiculed and discredited. Today, scholars agree that the Dropa Discs - if they truly exist at all - are a hoax.

Or were they?

How did the Chinese professor decipher them so quickly? Did he have reference material? Why were the Soviets so interested in the discs? Did they have similar discs under study somewhere? Why were the Soviets so keen on funding the building of the Aswan High Dam in Egypt?

The technology we use is privy to the most private details of our personal life. All the assurances of 'privacy' are good-faith agreements. How soon will it be before telepathy becomes a reality? In September 2014,  a team of researchers achieved brain-to-brain communication between two test subjects. Given that Mind-Mapping and Brain-Downloading are being actively pursued, how long will it take for technology to provide unscrupulous organisations unfettered access to our brains?

Technology like this - and it's intent - was predicted in Secret of the Scribe in 2011! [Read more].

If the source of all human intelligence is extraterrestrial, then the Book of Thoth is an allegory for an alien device that seeded and continues to control human language development and evolution. Where is this 'Book' now? What powers could it confer upon the person who 'reads' it.

The adventure of the Magician Prince Setna in his quest to find the Book makes for fascinating reading.

(contributed by reader, Roshmi Sinha) A San Diego scientist, Phillip Low (right) says he's created the world’s first mobile brain scanner. The device fits over a person’s head and essentially reads the person’s thoughts. [Read more]

A connectome is a representation of the neuron pathways in an organism’s brain. It is featured in Secret of the Scribe as a means for Linguistics to develop their interfacing software and hardware. [Read more].