3rd edition, published 2017

Book #1 in the Kirk Ingram action series

Within 48 hours of coming out of an undercover op., Kirk Ingram's family is executed and he is wavering between life and death. Haunted by guilt, grief and anger, his only redemption is in the life he wanted to give up.

"A racy, interesting, graphic, cogent, un-put-downable international action-thriller début novel which is a delight to read!"


FBI Agent, Kirk Ingram's wife and daughter are murdered before his eyes. Despite grievous injuries, he survives. Tormented by his inability to save them, Ingram’s only salvation is in the life he once wanted to give up.

A CIA operation to acquire a deadly nerve agent, Citex, is foiled when somebody beats the Agency at their own game. The questions facing every intelligence agency are: Who has Citex? When will they use it? What are the targets?

Amanda Gunner thought the only problem she had was a failed relationship. But in a span of hours her father is killed, she is witness to multiple homicides, an attempt is made on her life, and Amanda is on the run.

Kirk Ingram leads a Joint Task Force of FBI and DEA agents on a raid that turns into a slaughter. Following a lead, that comes at another personal loss, Ingram realises that a shadowy east European terror organisation is in play.

As Ingram races to apprehend the mastermind known as the Conductor, he is unaware that there is a lot more at stake.

And Ingram may not be the only tormented soul who can prevent a Citex attack.

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ISBN 9781386495154


ISBN 9789352682928


Haunted was written and edited in... well... a unique manner. I had various action sequences in mind and I put them down. Then I weaved a story around those sequences. Sort of like instrumental fill-ins in a song. All this was in the pre-Internet era. Or, to be more precise in the years when I didn't have ready access to the Internet(circa 1999).
In 2010 when I looked at the draft, I was not at all happy with how it read. And so, even while the book was with the publishers, I was doing massive re-writes of entire sections of the book, fleshing out the story (while retaining the original action-driven plot), introducing cellular phones and the Internet, thrashing things like 'phone booths' and 'postage' that were antiquated in usage. In many instances this created a plot-hole because, as an example, my characters did not have to wait to make phone-calls or receive documents - everything was speeded up.
I had to comprehensively tie in the characters and sequences to the updated story, and to that end I turned to a business management technique - a Mind Map - to organize each character's path through the book.
In retrospect, even I am amazed at the extent by which the book evolved in those frantic months of October, November. The gunfight in the warehouse, the drone sequence and the hostage situation, the plot twist at the end were all brand new. Each character's name was tailored to his or her race and personality.

And finally... Kirk Ingram needed to have nightmares that would haunt him.

Believe me, I had no intention of a third edition. All I wanted was to format the manuscript to meet Amazon KDP's guidelines, and edit my language, sentence constructs. In the process, I discovered an entire section that was well... unnecessary, and some other parts that needed to be tied off. I ended up with a major re-write, drawing on my experience, and improved story telling abilities. I'm pleased with the end result.

So here is Haunted, repackaged, re-loaded, and as raw and mean, as ever.