Is Strike Three on your playlist yet?

Strike Three, an indie rock band formed in St. Andrew’s College, Bandra West, released their debut EP, Esssentia. I gave it a listen and felt the urge to review their music.
Find them on major streaming platforms, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

2017… in books

I set a reading challenge in 2017, more out of an obsession to correct Goodreads’ summary of my 2016 reading. While I exceeded the challenge, I’m going to underestimate myself in 2018, so that I don’t miss the joy of reading.
Here’s what I loved about the books read in 2017…

Writing Resources

1. What is your opinion of writing as a career option? Writing as a career option translates to bringing in sustenance income. Which translates to selling millions of books. To sell millions of books you have to be an established author, a celebrity or controversial author, or write on controversy, or have your book optioned […]