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I've always been a voracious reader, but the passion to entertain through writing surfaced when I read Michael Crichon's Jurassic Park. I was absolutely amazed at the way Mr Crichton made everything - the science, the locales, the action, the dinosaurs - so real. Even if I was reading in bed, I could be in the tropical forests or escaping the jaws of a tyrannosaur.

I wanted then and there to be able to transport people into an imaginary world. I began hand-writing short stories in a single-ruled school book, careful not to make mistakes because what I wrote was the final product! I wrote about El Dorado, I wrote about an excursion to a dinosaur-infested island with my friends, I wrote about good and bad, and a hard-hitting cop against a gamut of baddies. Those were the years of John Woo's Face Off, Mission Impossible: II and Hard Target. The action in those movies spurred me on to write, what I now call, visual action stories.

In 1998, I got my first beat-up laptop. Half its LCD screen was a smear of liquid crystals and spider-cracks after the bag it was in was man-handled at Bahrain airport. But it served me well - and using DOS editors I began putting down random action sequences. I bundled them together, called the file 'Ingram' and saved it to a floppy because I didn't know how to go about publishing. Years later, scribd.com came around and I uploaded Ingram on a whim and promptly forgot about it.

Then in 2010, I logged into scribd.com and was amazed to see Ingram had garnered some 834 reads and an average score of 4.5/5. I realized I had to get it published this time around. At the time, a friend was publishing a book of poems and put me in touch with the publishers. They liked the pace and language of the book and agreed to go ahead. But when I re-read Ingram I realized it was dated and the story barely held together. I went at it again through sleepless nights, sketching out fish-bone diagrams, researching geography, weapons and cars, introducing cellular phones and changing entire sections of the book - and the title. I was heavily involved in every aspect of the publishing process because I wanted this book to be my vision: A big scale raw super fast action thriller.

When Haunted was released in 2011, the reviews were very encouraging (and you can read them here, if you haven't already). Haunted encouraged me to write more literary entertainment, even if it isn't commercial. I know my books are entertaining; I'll keep writing... and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

I released an adventure-thriller, Secret of the Scribe in 2012 and a travelogue, Impressions of Egypt in 2014 as an experiment with the pothi.com publishing platform. I was pleased with the Print on Demand services from pothi.com, so my full length thrillers, The Apocalypse Thriller and Diablo were released on this platform. For eBook publishing and distribution, I use this great service pronoun.com.


- Douglas

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