Three novels later…

Your third novel… how does it feel?

Pretty amazing, actually. ¬†Production-wise it’s been a novel a year; The Apocalypse Trigger was delayed. But, um, the other day I was looking at my author page and it’s beginning to look good. I’m reminded of something I said a few years ago: once the books start stacking up it looks impressive. And it does now. Feels great to see all those book covers beside each other. Like a family of their own.

Was the writing process easier?

No, I don’t think it will ever get easier. If it gets easier, it means your story lacks punch. I will say this, however: I’m more organized in how I approach the story and write it. I’ve also let my imagination fly and not be restricted to, “but this is not plausible.” Everything is plausible in the world I create, so that gives me some leeway.

What did you do differently with this book?

I had help with the proof-reading and edits. My fiancee, Shonna said she’d do that and her inputs were valuable. In fact she suggested I write a short-story to fill the gap up to the release of the full-length novel. When I heard that, I was like, will I be able to do this. But within the next few days, I had a brainwave and I found out the short story was actually not that difficult to put in.It’s just a filler, like a filler-riff in a song. It doesn’t need a convoluted plot.

I’m also doing a focused social media campaign and more importantly – am having a book launch on the 15th of November 2014. I’m looking forward to that.

I noticed you’ve self-published…

Yes. It was purely a financial decision. I didn’t want to spend much on a publishing contract without getting sufficient return on my investment. I’m not saying the contract was bad. I’m very happy I did Haunted and Secret with Leadstart. I think it’s time I try this platform. I may pitch the book to other publishers for more lucrative contracts. It’s a thought…

Tell me something about the inspiration for the book?

I read in the National Geographic of a group of people who bet on natural calamities and events that can change history: like volcano eruptions, papal elections. That was the seed for the ideas. Initially it was to be only about this group, but then I wasn’t going too far with that story so I said lets bring in some other elements and see if I can link all of them together. Over time I brought in environment terrorism, witchcraft and a doomsday weapon. It was a very enlightening process, I must say. I found out some interesting facts about all the elements in the book.

The Apocalypse Trigger releases on the 15th of November, right? Do you have a sense of the reaction of your readers to the social campaign?

I do. And I’m happy to say it’s very enthusiastic. When I released Secret of the Scribe, readers began comparing it with Haunted and if I read in-between the lines, I could sense what they were expecting from me. I’ve listened to some of their feedback and this book is a cross-over between Haunted and Secret. It’s got action, it’s got adventure, it’s got a fair amount of detail, it’s quick.

Well, Douglas, good luck with your book

Thank you, very much. See you soon! ¬†Oh, here’s a picture of the first copies of The Apocalypse Trigger. was very obliging in printing and couriering the book over well in time for the launch.


the apocalypse trigger first copies