The Apocalypse Trigger

In 1947, a freighter in the Malacca Straits sends out a macabre distress signal. When help arrives all the officers and crew are found dead - with no visible signs of injury.

Present day: An environmental disaster in British Colombia pits Billy Bradford against Future Energy Group and its ruthless head of security, Luc Fortesque.

A devastating terror strike on the world's grandest luxury hotel has the globe clamouring for the head of the mastermind, Sebastian Gardner.

But the three men will soon become pawns in a plot that dates back to the end of World War II and the collusion between a powerful, centuries-old cabal and a rogue priest.

Macabre wagers

There are people who wager ungodly sums of money on natural calamities and history-shaping events or the consequences of these events. Is our history is shaped by a few people in a macabre betting game?


Wicca, a faith derived from the pagan practices of nature-worship, is an officially recognised religion. Wiccans live and practice their faith freely. The Gaia philosophy that is adopted by many environment conservation groups is closely related to Wicca. Like any religion, Wicca has its share of fundamentalists who will resort to terrorism to protect Mother Earth.

Or they can seek revenge against the Catholic Church for hunting down and burning thousands of original Wiccans... as witches during the medieval ages.

Ghost ship

After WW II, The Manhattan Project triggered the race for renewable sources of energy and ever-powerful weapons.

The ghost ship, Ourang Medan was a a Dutch freighter that mysteriously disappeared with all souls. The Medan was believed to be fleeing with a secret and deadly cargo for the Japanese Imperial Navy after  WW II.

You can read more about the ghost ship here. Or read how I envisioned the disappearance in opening chapter of The Apocalypse Trigger... I've remained true to the account.

Floating hotel

1fecd7a016b47039053589a6268b1338The idea for the grant floating hotel in British Colombia, Orb was based on this artist's concept of a floating hotel. I imagined the Orb as a complete sphere. There would be an open-to-the-air amphitheatre at the top that resembled a human iris when seen from the sky.

Beautiful locales

Making use of a detailed map of the Swiss canton on Fribourg, I plotted the rendezvous scene in which Luc Fortesque and Henri Laurent meet their informant (the restaurant really exists); and a fight scene on the slopes of the Old City quarter that is perched upon a rocky escarpment.

I used tourist videos and layout diagrams to give readers an inside-experience of the Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas.

Invisibility suits


When I came across the research into cloaking technology, I simply had to feature Invisibility in the book. Not only did it get me out of a plot-blocker, it also made the scene so much more interesting.

It is the perfect fiction/fantasy-meets-fact idea and I hope the Apocalypse Trigger is the first book to feature Invisibility within the realm of possibility.

There are many videos and papers on cloaking on the Internet but here is a consolidated report.


Reader contributions

Contributed by Shonna Misquita

Created by scientists at the University of Rochester in New York, the device can hide large objects from sight using cheap and readily available lenses.
Read more at Science Alert News.

Fribourg, Switzerland