Know Thy Enemy

National Museum of Iraq

Iraq is hailed as the cradle of civilization. The country is home to a fascinating collection of in archaeological sites. The National Museum of Iraq or the Baghdad National Museum houses thousands of priceless artefacts. Sadly, Iraq has been plundered and ravaged for decades and many of these important sites and artefacts make their way onto the black market, in some cases to fund nefarious activities and organizations.

In March of 2014 I watched the Hollywood film, The Monuments Men. Little did I realize that even today, in the wars of this generation, there are organizations within and without the military that attempt to minimize damage to culture and tradition. The uplifting news is that these organizations and projects are successful and are backed by strong supporters within the global powerhouses.

Official website of The Iraq Museum. Check out the Google street view project of the Museum, one of the aspects of the Baghdad Museum Project

Read about the National Museum of Iraq and the Baghdad Museum Project on Wikipedia.

Read about the efforts to restore looted artefacts from the museum.

The desecration continues...

The research for Know Thy Enemy made me very aware of the need to preserve our civilization's history. It also put me in touch with the loss incurred on account of wars, terrorism and disdainful acts of various groups - and feel anger toward these dastardly acts. On the 27th of February 2015, I was notified of one such act. When I wrote Know Thy Enemy, I was removed from the looting and desecration of the Iraq Museum.

Today, I am one with those who mourn this unnecessary and condemnable assault on the museum, a few days after burning works in the Mosul Library.

Iraq's Second Largest Museum Is Desecrated/ Destroyed

Joint Task Force 2

Though officially denied, Canada's elite soldiers of Joint Task Force-2 were deployed on a secret mission in Iraq. What were they doing there? 

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