Secret of the Scribe

A cave-expedition to the remote borders of China and Tibet unearth enigmatic discs that are believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. But their discovery is quickly squashed and erased from official records.

When venture capitalist Mark Steinberg launches Linguistics, Inc. and unveils cutting-edge nanotechnology-based communication, an enthralled human race is ready to proclaim the written and spoken word a thing of the past. But unknown to the world, Linguistics is setting the stage for total control.

Leading the scattered resistance movement, Lance Michener wants to shut down the Linguistics network before the damage is total and irreversible.

At the center of the conflict is the hunt for the mythical Book of Thoth — the Book of Wisdom of the Gods; a Book that contains the secrets of the language of all earthly species and languages yet unknown.

And as Linguistics ushers in an era of global mind control, the race is on to prevent the Book from falling into the wrong hands.

Dropa Discs

716 glyph-covered discs found in a remote cave-system in Tibet. Only one Chinese professor was allowed to study the discs. After deciphering the glyphs, he claimed the artefacts were 'hard-disks' and told a fantastic story of extraterrestrial contact. Subsequently the Chinese government locked the discs away and the professor was ridiculed and discredited. Today, scholars agree that the Dropa Discs - if they truly exist at all - are a hoax.

Or were they?

How did the Chinese professor decipher them so quickly? Did he have reference material? Why were the Soviets so interested in the discs? Did they have similar discs under study somewhere? Why were the Soviets so keen on funding the building of the Aswan High Dam in Egypt?

Brain downloading

The technology we use is privy to the most private details of our personal life. All the assurances of 'privacy' are good-faith agreements. brain-to-brain verbal communicationWhat's in store for humans in terms of communication technology? How soon will it be before telepathy becomes a reality? In September 2014,  a team of researchers achieved brain-to-brain communication between two test subjects. 

Given that Mind-Mapping and Brain-Downloading are being actively pursued, how long will it take for technology to provide unscrupulous organizations unfettered access to our brains?

Technology like this - and it's intent - was predicted in Secret of the Scribe in 2011! [Read more].


The Book of Thoth

If the source of all human intelligence is extraterrestrial, then the Book of Thoth is an allegory for an alien device that seeded and continues to control human language development and evolution. Where is this 'Book' now? What powers could it confer upon the person who 'reads' it.

The adventure of the Magician Prince Setna in his quest to find the Book is a colourful read by itself.

Reader contributions

Brain Hacking

Contributed by Roshmi Sinha.

A San Diego scientist, Phillip Low (right) says he's created the world’s first mobile brain scanner. The device fits over a person’s head and essentially reads the person’s thoughts. [Read more]

The 2016 edition

Revised, and updated, the 2016 edition of Secret of the Scribe keeps the story intact while doing away with parts that are not crucial to the adventure - like the gala unveiling of the Linguistics Band. That's just an Internet News Article now. Keeps the action tight.

When I wrote in the character of Ishaan Anurag, I expected him to do something useful, but as the story unfolded, Anurag became... well, "unnecessary", as one reviewer pointed out. That's fixed now. Anurag has a purpose. And I've built up the character of Park earlier on in the narrative.

Why go to Honk Kong when Mumbai is full of abandoned in-construction buildings? I've learned something in the years since I conceived SoS. And that is, keep the numbers low and relevant. So less, but more relevant places.

There is also a lot of verbage (garbage prose) that's out in the wastebin now.

So, Secret of the Scribe is revamped and more focused.


The Human Connectome

A connectome is a representation of the neuron pathways in an organism's brain. It is featured in Secret of the Scribe as a means for Linguistics to develop their interfacing software and hardware. [Read more].