"Read this one if you’re looking for a great action thriller"

Well written international espionage and global conspiracy plot

Hemantkumar Jain

It will be almost impossible to put this book down once you've started on it

Chicky Kadambari

You'll probably want to duck to make sure you don't get hit by a stray bullet

Newton Lewis

Move over CB and the host of writers who think they can write, Douglas is a star story teller.

Samarpita Sharma

Misquita is a prolific author; he is creating his own oeuvre in the action-adventure-thriller genre, and uses history, technology and fiction quite effectively.

Roshmi Sinha

About, quickly

authordouglasmisquitaDouglas is an action/ adventure thriller writer from Mumbai, India. His books are fast, action-packed, and a form of "visual-literary-entertainment".

Read the Reviews, pick up a book... and buckle-up for edge-of-the-seat action.

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09 January 2017 - Awaiting the ISBN for Secret of the Scribe re-issue, cover art for Haunted re-issue, and the release of 2017's all-new thriller. Lot's to do. Exciting!

27 October 2016 - Diablo, by Douglas Misquita, is yet another episode of myriad of characters, from varying social and geographic backgrounds, astutely interwoven together, into a gripping action thriller. - Chicky Kadambari

13 October 2016 - Diablo continues to pull in 4-starred ratings, and breaks the barrier with a 5-star

7 October 2016 - Book #5 is done. Well, the draft, anyway. It's the sequel to The Apocalypse Trigger. Expect a 2017 release.

6 October 2016 - Douglas takes the Creative Writing class at IBK International Academy. Watch the video.

5 October 2016 - All the books will be avialable to members of the Bandra Gymkhana Library from 14 October 2017